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I tried every remedy and chemical out there. Spent a lot of money at the vet's and pet stores. I even doubled the amount of chemical with the chance of hurting my animals. I let the chemicals dry for several hours before I let her out (1 sm dog and a kitten). They are covered in fleas STILL grrrrr. What I found out and believe this or not I have tested it now for 2 years, Suave (has to be blue shampoo). Why blue shampoo, it is the blue dye that kills them instantly. My granddaughter came home from school with lice. We had to use the lice killing chemical, yet she still through out the lice season she came home with them. I asked the Pharmasists and she said...yep Suave blue colored shampoo. The dye is what killed them. So for the past year and a half we wash her hair with Suave (blue) and she is yet to bring lice home again. Just try it your out what $1.10? My friend had a Lab and he was covered in ticks and fleas, I took over 2 bottles of Suave and we gave him a good sudsy bath, we saw fleas and ticks dropping all over! I am going to try a mixture of Suave(blue), witch hazel, blue food coloring, and vinegar and spray my yard. I was told the winter was to mild (here in Arkansas)to kill the adult fleas this year and they are immune to all the chemicals (per vet tech.) I know all those brand names don't work. Yet if I see them dropping off dead from the kitten and dog when I shampoo, it has to do the same out side.

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Wow!! This sounds totally inexpensive and easy! My lab also has tons of ticks that we haven't had much luck with treating. I have also tried the expensive pet meds just as everyone else has. I'm going to try to Suave(blue) shampoo and see what happens. Thanks for the post!


I tried it and it really works, they really did die instantly and brushed right out....Great find. Thank you.

needing some help with this

i think anything with the blue dye will work, because when i first got my dog three years ago when he was a puppy he had fleas and someone told me to wash him with the Dawn dish soap, (the original dawn THE BLUE ONE)AND I DID AND THEY DROPPED DEAD OFF OF HIM IMMEDIATELY. But i havent tried it out in the lawn, i will do that because the vet just recently treated him for fleas and the eggs, because he has been a house dog for 2 years and due to changing circumstances he is now a outside dog and it has been raining a lot here. i will try to borex for the home because i think that have gotten inside some and i always feel like something is crawling on me but i dont see anything


What is the full name of the shampoo, im in desperate need!!

misty from vancouver wa

Someone had told me a couple of years ago a way to kill fleas on animal. Dawn dish soap, it really works. I had got a mama cat and 3 of her kittens. They were infested with fleas. So i tried the dawn soap because I could not afford flea treatment. Sure enough the fleas died instantly and fell off of the cats. I also found 2 kittens outside my apartment october of 2011. They were a half a pound each. They had so many fleas that you could not see their face very well. I gave them 2 baths back to back with dawn soap and filled the tub both times. I continued the baths once a week for a month. I even use the soap on my ferrets. Just do not get in their eyes. I can not say for sure if it kills the eggs. Ty for your imput on the shampoo. I use the sented dawn so they smell good afterwards.

P~Nut(our now happy pooch)

It REALLY WORKS....& its CHEAPER than buying Frontline @ $50.00 a box...thats CrAzY


Thanks to the Suave (Blue) my cats are flea free. When I put that stuff on there had to be at least 500 fleas on my cats. That stuff worked better than anything I have used.


Its NOT the dye you ding dongs! ANY SOAP THAT LATHERS WILL KILL THE FLEAS. Doesnt have to be blue. Doesnt have to be Dawn, or any other dish soap. ANY soap will work. And it just kills the fleas that are on the animal at that moment. Does NOT kill any eggs or larvae. There are rarely eggs on the actual animal, all of eggs and larvae are in the environment. So, yes, bathing your pet will bring it immediate relief, but the fleas will just get right back on them after being in the environment again. And, you cannot bathe your pet too often, it really dries out the skin. You actually should not use dish soap to bathe them at all. Dish soap is a degreaser so it strips the natural oils out of their skin. Just use a natural herbal soap and it works the exact same way as your 'magical blue' soap.

Yo' moma

ACTUALLY...... YOU DING DONG...... Yes it is most certainly the color that matters, I've used many different soaps and only with (the blue dawn and blue suave ) do they fall off and ' die' right in front of you! Other soaps seem to not even faze the little piss ants!!!!


Lol here I am researching home remedies for fleas, come across this post, find myself reading the comments and laughing very hard at the last one! Thanks for making me laugh when I'm actually freaked out about all the fleas in my home. ;)

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