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My daughter is 1 1/2 yrs old. Has eczema since 4months old. It's on her face, arms and legs.
This is what helps for her:

I use 'lil goats milk Bath soap. (made by Canus)

Feed her yogurt for probiotics.

Lotion:( I mixed together)

Aloe Vera gel (skin soother, promotes healing)

Dr. wheatgrass healing balm (anti-inflmatory)

coconut oil, (highest natural source of essential fatty acids- lauric acid that eczema skin is deficient) I get mine from trader Joe's.

vitamin E oil, (skin softener, skin regeneration)

Palmer's cocoa oil, (emmollient acts as protective barrier and keeps skin moisturized longer)

Shikai borage& flax seed lotion. (highest natural content of essential fatty acid GLA that eczema skin is deficient in) the Shikai brand has Shea butter added- Shea butter contains vit A& E- skin regeneration and anti inflamatory properties. also cinnamic acid- properties that block sun rays-a natural sunscreen)

I used to need to put steroids on her every week before I started this routine. So far I haven't used steroids on her in 4 months.

Hope this info helps.

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This is the best remedy all round for eczema, as a budding herbalist I recommend it because it works.


So do you mix all of these things together fornthe lotion, or do you apply them all separately? We've been ding the oatmeal bath, milk soap, and a LOT of coconut we.give her 1/2 organic tomato juice & 1/2 100% juice, 2xs a day...i have also eliminated milk from her diet (aside from the daily yogurt)...but I was just wondering about how you use all of the topical...


Great advice!! One question did you get the pediatric Shikai borage lotion or the regular?


After a flare up and being so so itchy this helped, i just used betnovate before though had all the bits to hand as i use most for my hair!Would just like to thank you for your post


2 things: you may consider giving your daughter straight probiotics instead of yogurt as dairy can be bad for eczema. I have been giving my daughter Nature's Way children's probiotic powder since she was a baby. Coconut oil's benefits are even better if you consume it instead of/in addition to applying topically. We cook with it, use it instead of butter on popcorn, and generally use it in anything we can.


Medicines can contributes in having signs of eczema. It also has a side-effects to our body that triggers the health condition. There are natural solutions or remedies that you can do like undergoing consultation to a Naturopathy. Check this website that discusses natural solutions,

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