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We use mayo and shower caps! Put the mayo on dry hair very thick and make sure you get all the way to the scalp! Place the shower cap on their head. It must be in place for at least 8 hours! i usually leave it on for 12. Its crazy but the bugs actually suffocate! They fall out when you remove the shower cap! and the best part is.... the mayonaise actually loosens the nits and are so much easier to remove! Wash the hair with dawn dish soap once then comb thru the hair. Then it will have to be washed 2 or 3 more times to get the greasiness out of the hair! I have also learned that garbage bags over the pillows with duck tape to close it up like a pillow case will suffocate any live louse and keep the bags on for a month before removing to be sure that everything is dead works! And i bought plastic mattress covers for their beds!!! i also bag up every toy that has fur or hair and leave them bagged up for at least a month! I don't feel 2 weeks is long enough! And after all lice is gone we started using coconut shampoo and conditioner and we have had no issues since!

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Shannon Williams

I was just wondering how many times you have to do the mayo treatment? my daughter has got them and we did the mayo treatment and was just wondering how often we do it?


since eggs hatch every two weeks, that's how often we do it.

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