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My tooth in the back has been hurting for days now. I have tried anbesol, orajel, salt water, motrin 800 mgs, which only works temporary. Oh yeah, I've tried the peroxide idea, but I'm at work right now. I'll try it again when I get home. My final resolution is to just get the tooth pulled out all together. I've never had a tooth pulled and heard it is painful even with pain injections. But, it beats the pain subsiding from my jaw to my ear.

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See I want to get my tooth pulled it b my 2nd one and it seems to b only my molars that was fill in bak in july 2006 cuz the fillings fell out and they r very painful to deal with ive been dealing we ith my toothache for 2 months now and only reason I do not go get it pulled is because I do not have the funds nor do I qualify for medical


I just had teeth pulled it really doesnt hurt


Yeah when the dentist applies that lydocaine (sp?) the pain is gone,,, ahh you can do anything you want after that stuff sets in. It is almost worth waiting till it really hurts to just feet that numbing shot start to work. No a tooth extraction don't hurt.. I welcome it with great joy.

No More Wisdom Teeth!

I found out that my wisdom tooth is what is making my whole mouth hurt, so I have to get it pulled, they said i might as well get all of them pulled. I'm so scared, but i really want this pain to go far away without any other things going wrong.

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