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I had really bad razor burn in my underarms, I tried using many different lotions and oils but nothing worked. I did a sea salt soak like I do with my piercings to get rid of bumps. I got a dixie cup and put in enough sea salt to lightly coat the bottom of the cup, and then filled it with hot water. I used a cutip to spread the water on my underarms. It stung pretty bad for a few minutes, but when I looked at my underarms 5 minutes later most of the bumps were completely gone, and the worst ones were tiny and barely there!

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Does normal salt work?


would kosher salt work??


The shaver rash a.k.a. red bumps is folliculitis barbae and this is principally caused by shaving with a razor blade or straight edge razor.

This skin irritation and problems with ingrown hairs has spawned the present day shaving revolt and exodus to more risky and skin damaging methods of hair removal. Methods like hair removal gels / cremes, waxing, plucking, epilators, laser procedures and home use IPL devices are not harmless or without side effects.

Rethink shaving and take it to the next level with a sensitive skin electric shaver like the Bare It All personal shaver. It is the most safe, inexpensive and effective method of hair removal


Does regular salt work


Epsom salts work better then regular salt. Sea salts also work


burns bad and did not help at all useless


I used the episom salt and it did burn but after a while it stopped. The inflamation went way down I will repeat the process again today and see how it works!! Thank God for this site!! I was miserable!


i tried i put a lot of sea salt in warm water and applied with a q-tip but it didn't work at all. Did I do something wrong?


Is this ok to use by vagina ?

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