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Every summer I get at least one bad sunburn, but hey it's summer. You're supposed to spend it under the sun and be carefree. I'm a Cali girl, I spend a lot of days on the beach and even in a tanning bed.
The only thing I've found to work for my skin, is using avocado. You want to get 2-4 of them, depending on the affected area, and mashed them up with a fork in a bowl. Do not use the outer part, only the insides. You can just use that and rub a nice layer over your burn, or you can add olive oil, or mayo and aloe vera. Lay down and let it sit on you for about an hour to two hours until it turns a darkish brown almost black color. Then wipe it off with a Luke warm towel and apply more or take a shower. Then do the other side. But do NOT and I repeat do NOT apply it to both sides and lay down on a towel. If you do that the avocado will dry and the towel will be stuck to your skin and trying to pull it off hurts like a bitch!
The avocado restores the vitamins and nutrients that got burnt out of the skin, takes the heat and pain out within minutes and you'll be fine the next day. And tan within 2-3 days. I am at least.

SPECIAL NOTE: This only works the day of the burn, put it on as SOON as possible, do not wait.

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THANKS SO MUCH!!! It works great!

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