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Anonymous the laundry isle....sprinkle on your carpet leave over night ..vacume up.kills larvae eggs and fleas .....all for less than 5 bucks ..I do this a couple times a year to kill anything in there .fleas can live up to a year withouta host. Dawn and apple cider works good but if you wanna kill them good sevin dust your cat..following directions on bottle tho.

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i was wanting to know how much dawn and apple cider to use do you mix it with anything else


I also used the Borax and it got rid of the fleas my sister's stray cat brought in. Just powdered it around on the carpet and left it overnight and vaccumed it up the next morning. Fleas were gone.

Jaimie D.

Sevin will eventually kill your pets pancreas causing diabetes and in some cases cancer if you over use the product. it also contaminates well water so use very sparingly on you animals and around your well.


Fleas do not live a year EVER. They only have about a two week life cycle.


Sevin is deadly to humans! What makes you think you could put it on animals! Read the bag it comes in if you don't believe me.

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