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I've had chiggers right now and since i cant stand the itching i have made it worse, i have tired all the remedy's that you guys have put on here and none of them worked not even the heat(all that does is make you itch more) my boyfriend bought me Calamine lotion and now its almost completely gone and now i'm not up almost every hour because i itch to bad. it really works i would buy this first and if it doesn't help you then i would try something different

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I've had chigger bites the last 3 years and it sucks. My wife had me us Tea Tree oil. It took about 5-10 minutes for the itching to go away. This is not a permanent fix, but it did help me sleep at night.


The only treatment I've discovered that works for me is wearing socks and shoes when working in the yard or garden. Take a shower when I come in and most important slather myself with lotion. This seems to curb the impact chiggers has on me in the summer months.

When I am bitten I'll apply layers of anti-itch or regular lotion. I let the first layer absorb/dry and then apply a second coat.

I also bath my dogs and bedsheets at least once a week which seem to limit the number of bites.

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