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toe nail fungus.clean nail with vinegar and peroxide.. dry. apply a thick coat of clear nail polish across nail over tip and under nail.[after cleaning under nail]. this has similar effect to the vicks and wd40 comments ive read. except its permanent. this seals and suffocates
the fungus, expose the toe and nail to sunlight. I will additionally use a magnifier lense to do a sun therapy to the fungus through the clear nail polish. my nail fell off in two days, and no treatment ever accomplished this, my belief is i killed the fungus and its roots let go. my new nail has yet to grow in, but i cleaned toe and nail bed and will continue to clean with anti bacterial and peroxide... double wammy... excited as ive had this for years.

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Just wondering if anyone knows if it's okay to use peroxide after the nail falls off? Will it damage the nail bed? Is it even necessary to continue treatment after the nail falls off?


PEROXIDE - kind to flesh yet is a strong (in this context) oxidizer. Bubbles off oxygen as it works. Help it get thru thick nails by filing so it can work. Why dilute or mix with other treatments? Peroxide is the real deal. Very inexpensive. Excellent for corns as well.


Capitalization and proper grammatical sentence structure would make this much easier to read!


So how ling do u soak ur toes in the viniger and peroxide?


Haha you guys are funny.Thanks for the tips and the laugh.

Katie Bender

Do not use nail polish.

just good to know

Just F.Y.I. WD40 was an experimental process to eliminate water. WD stands for WATER DISPLACEMENT and the #40 is how many times it took to get it right. So it may help keep it dry, but that is all it's going to do. No disinfectant what so ever.

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