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Tried to get rid of the huge plantars warts on my feet for years. Finally one day I started spraying my feet with Axe body spray, after doing this daily for a week or so I started noticing the warts were getting smaller. No joke it actually worked for me. After seeing this I continued to spray affected areas generously once per day after within a few weeks or so every trace of the warts were gone.

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I just want to know ....wht flavour axe spray, the infected person used on his wart ...i wanna spray n duct tape this alien warts on my feet


WAs it anti-persperant spray? Warts love moisture and will dry up and shrink if denied - heat also works (but don't burn yourself. Duct tape very often causes moisture to be trapped so the wart can panic grow and survive assault. After I shrank mine I used a splinter of wood through the wart to aggitate the immune system which killed the wart by proxy. If the splinter grows out repeat for large or deep warts. 100% success for me and a lot less painful than ACV.

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