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Okay, so if you have a really bad sunburn, this works like magic. Basically, take a glass of lukewarm water and let a few bags of black tea sit in it until the water is dark brown or black. Then take a wash cloth you don't care too much about and blot it on the sunburned area. The most importat step is to NOT RINSE IT OFF. Leave it on for as long as possible and let it do it's work. It is best to do this right before you go to bed so that you may rinse it off in the morning. It worked for me, but everyone's skin is different.

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I have been using tea baths for sunburns all
my life and it seems to work the best for me!! I just take about 6-10 regular size tea bags liptons kind (I guess that would be black tea) and brew them in a little hot water in the tub and then once the water is good and dark I add some cold water enough to make the temp tolerable and then just sit and soak in the water and apply the tea bags to the burned areas to take the sting's worked for as long as I can remember n I'm 33!!!!! It works wonders!!!!


how long do you stay in the bath for, will it not stain your skin?

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