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i've suffered since my early 20's (i'm in my 40's now) with RLS. I've taken so many medications... Klonopin, Requip, Hydroxyzine, Ropinerole, Neurontin... nothing has helped. This will sound bizarre, but poppy seed tea has helped me. I've spent so much money on drugs that didn't help, poppy seed tea does sound more natural, but careful, it's basically ingesting small amounts of opium oils, but it's relatively weak not unlike narcotics. usually 1 part seeds to 2 parts water (plus couple tbsp. lemon juice) (ie 1 cup seeds to 2 cups water) a couple hours before bedtime.

you can find seeds online, just google it (instructions are online too). buy in 50 lb bulk bags, and watch those creepy crawlies/herky jerkies subside and finally get some sleep.

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Do you need special poppy seeds or poppy straw? Can I just pull out the McCormick?


bulk seeds, not the kind at the grocery store, they are 'washed' prior to packaging and all the 'oils' are washed away, it's the oils that are medicinal. 50 lb bags are available online and will last for months!


Are you saying DRINK the seeds with the water and lemon?

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