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i have been dealing with this issue for 4 years i have tired everything that you see on these websites to cure the symptoms but you have to treat the body as a whole and i have found that taking a WOMEN'S MULIT-VITAMIN everyday or every other day is the best cure ever. I wish i had thought of this earlier. I saw a change in my body in 2 days. No more waisting money on things that just treat the symptoms. i belive that after a certain age a woman's body changes and when you get the BV your body is telling you that you are not feeding the body what it needs. by taking a multi-vitamin you can supply the body with everything it needs even if you don't have the best diet. and when the body has what it needs the BV goes away. i wish i had the money to do the research but i was so shocked at how quickly my body responded to the Multi-vitamin.

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I have been suffering with BV for years and I take a One-A-Day multivitamin everyday and have for over a year. That alone will not help.


I agree that a multivite alone will not help. She has a very valid point that the body needs to be treated as a whole. The bacteria that causes the infection resides in the entire body. It produces the nasty symptoms in the vaginal area so we tend to just focus on that area but we should focus on the whole body and approach BV on a systemic level.

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