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I am diabetic and am currently pregnant with my second child. (different dad) During my first pregnancy, I did have some complications but all in all, things turned out as expected. Now that I'm pregnant with my second child, I have been diagnosed with HPV. I got tested for V.D. after me and my first baby's father split up because I had speculations that he had been unfaithful. Upon being tested that time, I came back negative, my pap came back normal, and etc. Then I found a guy that I really wanted to be with. Unfortunately, I became pregnant the first time we had 'relations,' and the story started there. I thought everything was normal with this pregnancy because I hadn't had any problems. YET. After getting my pap and labs run, they all came back normal, but FYI for those who don't know this. HPV testing is not usually done with a routine pregnancy STD screen. They do test if your pap comes back abnormal, then they go from there. Mine came back normal, so they did no further testing. The first problems I started having was I was starting to get really stressed out, sick, tired, a little spotting, normal pregnant symptoms, etc, but then I noticed some tiny white bumps on my perineum. I have had little sebaceous glands get swollen down there which looked about the same, and I thought this was what it was. Well, after about a month of them not going away, even after cleaning them with alcohol and putting camphor on them to draw out what I thought was the clogged oil pores, I became concerned and VERY scared. I started to look HPV symptoms and Genital Warts up online to see if they matched what I was going through. Certain things didn't match up, such as nothing I read said they looked white, or that on women they show up on the perineum, so I was in denial. The more I read and the more those little bumps never went away, I really wanted to get to the bottom of it. I decided to wait to see if they would go away for another week, but in that week, they actually started growing a bit. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my OB. She did diagnose me with GW, and so in turn, I knew I had HPV. I was devastated. I cried and banged on my steering wheel the whole trip home. Upon returning home my boyfriend (baby's dad) asked me how it went and I completely went off on him, and just went to my bedroom and cried. Unbeknownst to me, there is no proper testing for men to screen for HPV yet, so I really felt bad afterwards. He felt devastated as well seeing as he has a mandatory full-on physical since he's former military and didn't know, plus he gave it to me knowing that he was only the fourth person I had ever been with. Well anyway, back to the HPV. My OB said that prescribing medicine on the first trimester of pregnancy was a no-go, and to wait until I saw my high-risk doctors. I finally saw them about the problem, but by that time, the warts had spread from front to back, they are on my labia, major and minor, my perineum, my clitoris, anus, EVERYWHERE. Some are huge. The ones on my perineum are bigger than I thought they could ever get. I tried using the castor oil and baking soda but it burned to high heaven so I stopped that after the first time. After that, I tried the ACV, but after so many times of using it, it began to hurt terribly as well. Some warts did start to turn white then black, but I was so sore from it, that I just stopped using it and got out of routine. I just had another examination and my high risk doctor told me there was nothing they could do since I was pregnant, no meds, nothing. She told me that if they performed a surgical removal, then I would have to have a blood transfusion because the warts were so big, and they are very vascular. She also told me that if the warts are visible on the outside genitals then they are most likely on the inside. She said that I couldn't give birth because of the severity of them and that I would have to have my child by c-section. (I didn't want this because I had to have a c-section with my first child, and I wanted to do it the natural way this time) I was mortified and devastated. By that time she prescribed me narcotic pain meds because the pain down there was so intense that I could barely walk. So once again, my hope faultered and I cried all the way home. Sitting at home that day, I realized that there was NOTHING the doctors could do for me, so I would have to do something for myself. I'm trying the apple cider vinegar again, but this time I changed up the concoction. I took my previous baking soda and castor oil mixture, and added ACV to it, then some SOLARCAINE (the sunburn aloe medicine) because it has lidocaine in it to dull pain. I mixed it together and soaked three cotton balls in it. I also massaged some of the solarcaine into the genital area to numb it a little bit before applying the cotton balls. I'm starting with my perineum and anal areas since those are the most troublesome areas that bleed anytime I wipe or clean myself down there. I've also stopped using feminine deodorant for the time being and use only Johnson's baby wash. I have started taking Garlic, Immune system booster cocktail (Vit E, C, A, and B), and have kept my diabetes under better control. This would be day one of my process, started all over again. I want to stick with it because I have four months until I am due, and I want these gone so I can give birth the way that God intended. Today I applied the cotton balls to those trouble areas and kept them on there for a little over an hour. I couldn't handle much more, so I ended up removing them. I will slowly but surely start applying the solution more often and for longer period of time. I have to do one or two areas at a time because if I try to do them all, the pain is just too much. I will keep posting updates on the progress, how long it takes, and the severity of the pain. I know how it feels to have this curse, and I want it GONE for good. It's clear that the ACV does indeed work, but the pain threshold has to be larger than normal to actually do this with the larger warts. I won't lie, it DOES HURT. BURNS like you're on fire down there. Once the outside ones start to vanish, I will then move to the inside. I hear that you can get rid of those by soaking a tampon in ACV, and inserting it normally. I have tried this once, and surprisingly, it did not hurt or burn at ALL. It was just on the outside genitalia that it burned like hell. So for those of you who feel that you may have them inside, it IS safe to use a tampon with the ACV. I've also heard that adding garlic and vit E can help the skin healing process because of their natural skin and antibody properties. ACV pills can also be purchased for super cheap. I am going to purchase some and start taking them daily. I have to do what I can without meds for the safety of my unborn child. I know it's a long road ahead, but I also know it will be worth it. I will keep everyone posted, and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. WISH ME THE SAME!

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So it is now the 15th of June, and I still have most of the warts that were there before. I did use the ACV on the top of my Labia, and on my Clitoris to see how well it would clear the warts. I put the cotton ball on there one night, slept with it on, then wore another cotton ball all day the next day, then slept with that one on as well, so I went a full 24 hours atleast, without taking the ACV cotton off. When I removed the cotton, my warts were turning black. They were like a mixture of white and gray, and were very sensitive. I could barely walk for two days. That is the problem with using ACV; it makes the area very sensitive and it also 'eats' the wart basically, so each time I removed a cotton ball, the wart became irritated and bled. The remedy does work, though I fear that since I tried it on some smaller ones first, and seeing how they are still there because the ACV didn't completely remove them within that day and a half, I am terrified of using the ACV method on my perineum. The warts there are huge. They are a little bigger than the diameter of a quarter. :[ I would have to use the ACV for weeks which I am fine with, but after so long the pain is just unbearable so I would have to stop for a couple of days to let my skin rest, which would probably make the warts grow bigger. I was curious to know if anyone had tried rubber-banding? (placing a small rubber band around the wart snuggly until it falls off)I've heard that some people do this to get rid of warts but I'm afraid of infection and blood disease. I just made a solution of ACV, part water, and Vit E oil, and I soaked a tampon in that, then inserted it. I also took my aloe and ACV/castor oil mixture and rubbed it all over my genital area, soaking two cotton balls in it and placing them over my worst areas. (Perineum, and the opening to my vagina.) It wasn't bothering me at first but now I can start to feel the burn... :/ I am doing my best to stick with this, but it is excrutiating. :'( I will still keep posting my progress. All in all, my clitoris and upper labia are starting to clear up and look better, THANK GOODNESS. The only thing I can say at this point is if you catch the warts early, treat them immediately with the ACV because once they start to grow, it is very painful to keep applying. Keep taking Vit C, and Use Vit E oil down there. It really helps the skin to heal properly. On another note, my boyfriend asked me today while I have been in such a terrible mood. He knew about the HPV but was unaware of my current wart problem because I haven't let him touch me down there, nor have a told him, until today. It's so embarrassing that I just want to hide in a hole. It just hasn't been a good week for this girl. :(


I just had a baby on the 12th and I havent been diagnosed with it but I have 2 warts on my vagina but I need to rid myself of these. What is ACV?



Apple cider vinegar

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