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Here goes a good one. Came up with it based on some terrible chemical shit this podiatrist prescribed me to stop my feet from sweating along with some knowledge of mycology ;)

Get yourself a bowl with apple cider vinegar and soak a pair of socks in the bowl.

Wash your feet. Put on the socks with the soaked ACV. Here goes the trick. Get a freezer bag, or some type of poly-bag, and put the bag over your ACV soaked feet. Tape the bag at the ankles as to not lose anything from the socks. Go to sleep...

Fungus is funny, but yet simple.

Fungus starts by building a mycellium network, which takes place in a dark and moist environment WITHOUT air flow.

Mycellium is an underground network that thrives on compost, but that network can only thrive if the network advances to LIGHT and AIR, hence your nail.

Why don't you see more mushrooms and more fungus in the wild? This is simply because the mycellium network is lurking underneath, but it has many competitors that just blow it out of the water. Think about an apple tree out in the wild vs. fungus. Who will win? My bet is on the tree!

So what this all boils down to is that you want to defeat the mycellium at it's own game. By putting on the socks with the ACV and cutting off air flow, you will allow the ACV to compete with a weaker fungus (mycellium).

Trust me when I tell you that the ACV will win every time.

If you have a severe case of fungus then you will want to trim your nail down to the point where you are gouging healthy skin. also, roughen the top of the nail before doing this as you want the ACV to be able penetrate all that it can.

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Scooter, thanks for this, makes a lot of sense. I have been looking for the answers.

Can I use, should I reuse the solution for a second days treatment or throw away after each daily dose?

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