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I apply olive oil to my hair once every month to make it shinier, softer and healthier. All you need is a small cup of olive oil. Use your hands to rub it in the ends and the mid length of your hair, allow between and 2 hours and then wash out (only shampoo it once, you may also put conditioner on if you wish). Then wait for it to naturally dry. It works for me, hope it does for you too :)

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Once I cut my hair because I had been staightening it way too much, and I was taking a break from heat on my hair.... So I decided I heat some olive oil(I know what you thinking why would I heat oil and put it strait on my head) but it works after I messages the the oil on my hair I then put my heat upside down for 5 minutes so that my hair was stimulated then I left the oil in my hair for about 1 hr and my hair grew much faster it was about my shoulders and within about 3 weeks it was already 2 inches longer

Hope this helped :))


If the oil is heated its way more effective

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