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Drink pineapple juice or eat a fresh cut pineapple. My great-grandmother (born in 1896) swore by this remedy for sore throats. My grandfather contracted diphtheria during an outbreak and she SWORE that pineapple juice saved his life, b/c it brought down the swelling and pain in his throat. Ever since my mom told me about this cure, whenever I or my kids get a sore throat, I juice up a few big pieces of pineapple and make them drink it. Their throats are usually better by the next day.

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Just tryed mashmello boil suckin on a limen n fresh pinapple advil ice cup n prayer all sweling n pain gone n 8hr i waz bout to dial 911


pineapple contains salycilate which is basically asprin!!! i know because i am allergic to asprin and salyilates!!!! so prob some truth there!


I've tried this remedy on 8/4/2012 since I currently had a sore throat on that day. It was rather painful to drink the pinaple juice but in the end, I was able to swallow without having to drink anything but only for a short ammount of time. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who can't take a little pain.


im gonna try this!!!!


you have a wise great grandmother. This really works


Your grandmother is old

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