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My daughter was sent home frm school because she had lice so the first thing i did was google home remedies and i got this page. I took everyones advice. I grabbed vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and baby oil. I mixed it all together and put it in her hair. Tied it up and wrapped her hair tightly in a shower cap. Let it sit for an hour. Then i brushed it outside in the sun. All the lice was dead as they came out. For the eggs i used salt water and brushed it out. Then i put her in the tub and put alot of conditioner and brushed again. Then i blow dried her hair and then straighten it with the flat iron to burn the eggs. This worked very well but u have to repeat it over and over for 2 weeks.

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I Have head lice now if i still have some left overnspray can i use that on my blankets after i dry them?

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