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I'm only 19 and have suffered about 17 inner ear infections in my lifetime. When I was little my parents would heat up a potato in the microwave, wrap it in foil and then wrap it in a cloth or a sock. It stays warm much longer than a rice heating pad, and feels wonderful on an infected ear. To this day I still use the 'sock potato' method over ear drops. I have found that over-the-counter ear drops can make an infection worse if you get them for an earache without knowing you have an infection.

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This got my son back to sleep after waking up crying in pain. Thanks! Worked for him.


After using many different ear drops I tried this and I felt the relief instantly. Definitely going to continue using this method with myself and children


tried this, didnt work for me unfortunately, another night of no sleep :( although i liked the idea, tried for 2 hrs


sitting here now with a potato to my ear, the pain is already going away. thanks!

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