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It's true guys...screw expensive poisons like rid and nix... First soak head in white vinegar for about an hour (cover head after thoroughly wet), then rinse out and watch them fall out. Then shampoo with dawn dish soap (helps to get rid if smell and loosen nits), then rinse again. Finally, lather in a healthy normal amount of cheap conditioner (suave coconut was great), and then comb with the conditioner still in hair (helps the combing go smoother and the dead lice get stuck in the lather that you comb out). Finally rinse out leftover conditioner and your head should be lice free.(but you DO have to use a nit comb to increase the chances of completely being rid if them for good.) Too make sure they aren't coming back repeat in one week...... As for furniture...I do not know.

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It works thanks sooo much


just kidding it does


Ok soo my girls have had lice before we tryed almost everything... the store brand lice treaments niks rid ... n nothing seem to work we use baby oil. and put a bag on there head for about 2 hrs...that got rid of the bugs ...but not the both my girl have it again.... because the nits hatched ... so im trying to see if the vinger one works people say leave it in for 1 hr n others say 8 to 12 hrs... n to use mayo to get nits out...dose it really work?


I always do the vinegar remedy and it always works. My kids have been lice free for over 3 years. But unfortuniatly they have it again.
So time for vinegar again.


Will brown vinegar work?


I saw other posts that say they used apple cider vinegar and it works. I used regular white vinegar/mayo and cooking oil had kids wear a shower cap for a while then washed out with Denorex shampoo and it worked!! I used a lice metal fine comb and combed off so many of those little monsters! Final comb thru was clear!! I am so relieved!!

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