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I'm a 22 year old female who has had HPV since October. I didn't get a wart until Feb, which easily came off when I scratched it(I didn't realize it was a wart at the time). The next outbreak I had was in March and it went away on it's own in less than two weeks. The next outbreak was in late April, and I'm still trying to get rid of it.

I have been using a mixture of ten asipirin, two tbsp castor oil, propolis (just two drops--it burns like a mother! worse than the ACV!!), and one tbsp ACV. I've been leaving that on over night after rinsing myself with peroxide and dabbing on tea tree oil. During the day I've been taking zinc, garlic, folic acid, and tons of vitamin C, and ten drops of propolis while dabbing myself through out the day with tea tree oil, propolis, ACV, and castor oil. This has worked wonders. I went from having about fifty warts to just four in six days!!!


I think I got a lil over confident. Today, I did not injest any propolis and waited until late in the day to take vitamins. For the past two days I did not doctor myself throughout the day. Tonight, when I checked myself, I once again have about 40 warts!!!!! :'( This is very discouraging and I feel like I'm back to step one. It also sucks because I'm going on vacation tomorrow and all my warts are back. Some are bigger than before. I can't believe all of these came back in one day!!

Has this happened to anyone else?

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Update! I began my regime again on Monday, but this time I added in garlic oil from England. The guy who sold it to me said that it was strong enough to kill mrsa. So, I've been taking 30 drops per day, then mixing it in with the aspirin, acv, castor oil, and propolis at night. I just checked myself -- all the warts are gone!!!!!!!! Completely gone! I feel clean for the first time in two months. I plan on continuing the garlic until I can test negative for hpv. It's $20 per ounce, but very worth it.


Where do u buy this garlic oil from england?


It's called accimed and I got it from a health food store.

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