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An older man I hired to do some work for me had bad leg cramps one day. He ask me if I had any dill pickle juice..yes I did. He took 2 big swallows of the juice- 315-20 minutes later- no cramps AND none for the rest of the day. OK, sounds stupid- I know, but about a year later I had leg cramps(too much work) so I drank some dill pickle juice- Couldn't believe it- it worked! No promises to you because everybody is different- but it worked!!!

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pickle juice is full of sodium, that's why it worked. If you have high blood pressure be careful with that remedy.


It works because your dehydrated and pickle juice helps like gatroade etc when your dehydrated.

John h

Trying the pickle juice as I continue to read. Saw it on another site. Two big gulps of the juice, and I'm having a pickle with my lunch. I'm praying this helps. Mine is an issue with medication I take, and have been having cramps, and spasms where I didn't even know I had muscles, chest, back, stomach, arms, and worst of all legs and feet! If this works it will be a prayer answered! Thanks for the info!

Ms. Brook

My mom and aunts keep packets of mustard by their bed. They have cramps throughout the night.


Yes pickle juice works immediately!!!

Dale Nick

I have the local deli in my grocery store save their dill pickle juice for me. I bring in a quart jar and they fill it up with the dill pickle juice within a couple of days. I have two quart jars that I alternate with. When one gets down to 1/2 I bring in the empty one. They just dump it out when the pickle slices are gone so they don't mind giving it to me. I just take 3 or 4 swallows before bedtime, or when the cramps strike during the night and they are gone pretty much by the time I get back into bed.

Erin Peach

I did it tonight after 3 nights of horrid Charlie horses. My son said my feet were sideways and he couldn’t move them pushing as hard as he could, and he’s strong! Scary! I’ve had 6 spinal tumors removed. I’ve tried the soap, the mustard, tonic water and now the pickle juice. Hope it works!!!

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