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An older man I hired to do some work for me had bad leg cramps one day. He ask me if I had any dill pickle juice..yes I did. He took 2 big swallows of the juice- 315-20 minutes later- no cramps AND none for the rest of the day. OK, sounds stupid- I know, but about a year later I had leg cramps(too much work) so I drank some dill pickle juice- Couldn't believe it- it worked! No promises to you because everybody is different- but it worked!!!

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shade tree chemist

the reason that a base like vinegar will do that is because these people had a high concentration of acidity in their body causing them to cramp. the vinegar in pickle juice is known to neutralize acid. some people dont have this acidity problem, so it wont work for them.


Vinegar is an acid. Acetic acid.


vinegar is a weak acid, not a base!

R. Hooks

Yes!!! Pickle juice does work. I use it all the time. Salt woks too. Lick a
Pinch of salt and hold some in your. Cramps will go away. Copper bracelet are good too but does not work as fast as the pickle juice or salt. Sometimes you might have to combine 2 of these remedies.

tj johnson

Pickle juice is the only thing that I have found that does work. I have muscle cramps all over my body from some of the asthma meds I use. I keep jars of this stuff on hand.


Thank you!!!! I've had the worst Charlie horse for close to a week! Two swigs of pickle juice worked great! Life saver!!


Oddly enough i was cramping in my feet reading this and thought , hey... I have some of that , about a juice glass full and in minutes i had great relief too

Goldie Anne'

Pickle juice works super fast for quick relief from those horrible muscle cramps. And so DOES mustard.

Geraldine Walker

I had a really bad cramp in my stomach I drunk some dill pickle juice, it worked so fast for me. thanks for sharing this home remedy.

Amanda Jones

I have cramps almost twice a week.if I have pickle juice, that's the first thing I run for. Works every time! If I don't have that I make me a little bit of salt water and drink as much as I possibly can ,considering the taste is not good at all. But the outcome is just the same..

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