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A massage therapist told me about this, and it really does work for the cramps in my calves (though not the more painful ones in my thighs).

Take the hand of the opposite side of the cramped leg, and simultaneously pull and pinch the ear lobe on the same side of the cramped leg. Pinch the ear lobe firmly, but extreme pain isn't necessary. Also, pulling to pull the ear off isn't necessary, either. Maintain the pull/pinch steadily until cramps subside. It usually takes one to three minutes for the cramps to subside.

So, right hand on left ear lobe for left leg. Left hand on right ear lobe for right leg. For cramps in both legs at the same time (rare for me, but it happens), cross your arms & grab your ear lobes to pinch & pull.

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omg im speechless! I was writhing in pain for the last half an hour until I googled and found this post! it worked within a minute. Thank you very much for posting, you're a life saver!


It's 3 15 am and my cramps are here again just read this tip for the first time . It's Working right now ,strange but true . Thank you


should this be done by laying flat on bed or any position as we wish


I just read that placing your thumb on the inside of your upper lip and pinching under your nostrils works. Hold for 30 seconds to one minute. I did it and it worked almost instantly. I was having the worst cramps in my legs and feet that I have ever had in my life.


Amazing,just tried it and it worked immediately.


I had cramp in both Ear Lobes, so crossed my arms and grabbed my feet, guess what found out I was dyslexic ! :)


Thank you!

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