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A massage therapist told me about this, and it really does work for the cramps in my calves (though not the more painful ones in my thighs).

Take the hand of the opposite side of the cramped leg, and simultaneously pull and pinch the ear lobe on the same side of the cramped leg. Pinch the ear lobe firmly, but extreme pain isn't necessary. Also, pulling to pull the ear off isn't necessary, either. Maintain the pull/pinch steadily until cramps subside. It usually takes one to three minutes for the cramps to subside.

So, right hand on left ear lobe for left leg. Left hand on right ear lobe for right leg. For cramps in both legs at the same time (rare for me, but it happens), cross your arms & grab your ear lobes to pinch & pull.

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Gerald Anandappa

I tried this remedy when I had cramps in both my feet and calves. It surely works! Great remedy as I used to take salt to get rid of my cramps.
Thanks very much for your post.

God bless you


I've used this remedy for years and it works great for calves good for thigh cramps though


Amazing! It has been 10 minutes and the cramp is surely gone. Almost hoping for another cramp to try it one more time.


Amazing! It has been 15 minutes and the cramp is surely gone. I almost hope i get another cramp so i can try this method one more time.


Hate to admit it, but I had feet cramps in both feet and after a short time, the cramps are GONE!


OMG-I was having toe cramps, you know, the kind where your toes distort, in both feet? Went searching for a 'cure' and tried this. IT WORKED!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


I was a lil hesitant but I tried it and in a matter ofof a minute the cramp was gone! This truly works! Thank you


Really strange. This worked even for my thigh cramp!


My husband was writhing in pain with a cramp in his thigh and I Googled and found this. It worked within a minute! Thanks so much!


Holy cow!!!!! I can not believe that this would work, but I thought I would try it anyways. I was amazed how fast, almost instantly my leg cramp felt better. This remedy is amazing!!!!!!!

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