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This is what worked for me, ultimately you will need to see a dentist but until you can get in.
1. Take 800 mg of Ibuprophen.
2.Brush your teeth with sensodyne(any containing Potassium Nitrate at 5% or above).
3.If pain appears between teeth or below or at gumline, snap a round toothpick in half making a sharper piece to get in-between teeth and under gumline (you may have to break several to get one good piece as a blunt piece will not work. Put the sensodyne toothpaste on the piece of toothpick and get that sensodyne up below the gum or in-between the teeth. Anywhere you feel the pain is, coat it with the sensodyne.
I have used viscous lidocaine, hurricane, orajel and they don't help as much as that toothpaste with the potassium nitrate.
I would use a good strong mouthwash between treatments as well.
Contact your public health department for 'sliding scale' dentists. They will work with low to no income people depending on how much money you make. Typically much more compassionate then the regular dentists around.

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