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Well, at least I'm not alone on this one! Been reading lots of the posts on here and decided to give this ACV a shot.

I thought I only had a couple of very small(2mm) warts under the head of the penis but no, thanks to the ACV I can now see the little white dots of all their friends scattered everywhere!

I am hoping since I have caught them early (I saw the first signs of the first wart on friday and bought ACV and tea tree oil and Vitamin tablets all on Sunday) that I can nip this in the bud.

Im currently soaking Qtips and cotton balls in ACV and leaving on for a couple of hours, then antibacterial wash then switching to tea tree cream(dont know if its less potent than oil?) for a couple of hours and repeating.

It's been 24hours since I started treatment and the biggy that I used as my first tester has gone White->grey and the rest, which I started on about 12 hours ago, are now white.

How long does this usually take? I could do with it being a week what with graduating, becoming a doctor (yes i should have known better but there are fat docs and smokers out there too!) and the obvious drinking that comes with finishing!

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What is acv


depending on the size it could take a few weeks. keep at it, and they will go away. having the larger ones burnt off helps as well.


ACV is apple cider vinegar..people go on about it all the time on here! Seems to be the magical cure but it's definitely not working in a couple of days for me...

Mine are all really small like 1-2mm across. I am hitting up the GUM clinic in the morning so i can attack on 2 fronts.

The slightly larger one, that i first noticed has now fallen off but there is no progress but white on the tiny ones! Wish they'd hurry up!!


Well! Looks like they have all gone! Can't quite believe its only taken 5 days but they seem to have all disappeared!

I have a little bit of sore skin just now but thats the only way to get rid of them i suppose so I'll just have to wait for that to heal up and pray that I dont get another outbreak any time soon!


That AVC do i just mix the apple cider and viniger and rub it on the wart ? Need them gone Now !,


I am also wondering about acv what do you do?


I've had warts for 5 years can't get rid of them!! And u say all gone in 5 days! Either get ready for the miserable journey that is HPV or well done what's the secret?


Sorry mate posted that^^ on wrong post! Good luck with it all it's pretty shit!


What do you

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