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I recomend if natural remedies don't work, please have your family and friends closer to you. Natural light is good and flowers nature, and fresh air. When this does not work please seek help as I did. I found out i'm bipolar. I felt like I was not worth it, I have three kids and helped myself for not only me but the people who love me. Now I can deal with life as it comes.

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At first I was embarrassed to go to the Doctor. Don’t be. You can feel better.


how can you tell if you have it some times i wake up and think gosh i made it through another night and think is life worth it please answer if i havce it then i am seeking help fast


When you dont feel like yourself, and don't enjoy life anymore, Please please seek help. Talk to someone.


It's not merely an issue of waking up and thinking 'is life worth it' when you realize you've made it through the night. As someone who is depressed personally, it's more of a constant weight on your mind. I personally found that I wasn't asking 'is life worth it', as much as I was blatantly saying 'It isn't.'. Thankfully, I went to see help, and I'm dealing with my depression.


just saying sometimes family can make it worst my family highly tends to stress me out as my mother is bossy and manipulative and not pleasant to be around, must be nice to have a positive family.

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