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Vagasil anti-itch cream extra strong. It's the only thing that lets me exist comfortably right now. I found out by trying EVERYTHING in the bathroom cabinet at 3 am when I was too itchy to sleep.

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I've spent over $100 on store 'remedies' and had three trips to the doctor (one for me and two fro one of my daughters) in the past 3 months. The steroid shot from the doctor works well, but I can't keep from getting us re-'infected' because we're doing lots of work on a field fence for our goats ... which will have poison ivy all over their field, which they will, no doubt eat and play around in and then expose us to the oils whilst being milked and loved on. I don't have any vagisil on hand, but it will be my next purchase! I keep telling my husband that it's impossible for me to stop scratching, especially at night. So I wake up with it worse than it was when I went to bed. Grrrr.


I totally agree with this. I tried everything. Was almost in tears from the itch. Asked my wife to get some and now I'm totally comfortable and will be able to sleep. Vagasil not just for your hoohoo.


You just more or less admitted to having a itchy vag!!! Boo hah hah hah


Monastat or hemorrhoid cream / ointment works well too

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