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Body Butter from The Body Shop works for athlete's foot, jock itch, and thigh chafing. It seems like the opposite of what we are supposed to do, right? Keep the area super dry to kill the fungus? NOPE.
First off, I think ANY thick hand cream that seems extra heavy will probably do the same thing--I just happened to have a big jar of Body Butter Brazil Nut around my wife gave me for dry elbows and knees, so I tried it. It works on athlets's foot, all chafing, and jock itch right away!
Please know that I have had athlete's foot on my right foot for over 6 years and none of the prescription creams or over the counter stuff worked--NONE. I work outside in the Florida heat would have crazy itchy red toes at the end of the day. No powders, or any brush-on stuff worked long enough to stop it. I even tried putting anti-perspirant on all the areas, but nothing worked. I tried body butter in desperation one night to relieve itching and pain and to my shock it started curing the area by the morning.
Shower and clean all areas and put it everywhere you need it. Do your morning routine with no socks or underwear to let it soak in. Clean areas at night and reapply. That's it. In 1-2 days it will be much better. I do it every day to keep fungus at bay. This stuff even works for a long, hot day on the golf course--just apply in the morning and go.
Stops crazy itchy red toes, chafing, red heat rash, jock itch, belt line redness, everything. It has solved my problems. Try it--it works! Thanks.

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What type of body butter.. Any??


OMG I thought I was the only one who discovered this. I've applied so much acv on my toes that it had started itching like crazy cause of the dryness that acv have done to my toes so one night I applied the body shop's almond hand & nail butter on my toes and it just stopped itching. I even became suspicious of what i've done...thinking that it might get worse so i stopped using it. Then one night it started itching again and i cursed the acv i was sooo mad!!! I then remembered I have this big jar of L'occitaine ultra rich body cream with 25% shea butter. It's like 10x richer than the almond butter from body shop so i rubbed it on my toes and it worked likes magic. I couldn't believe it. It has been 2 wks and my toes look smooth and itch-free! I apply it every night after shower (dry my toes really good first) and before going to bed. I have suffered from athlete's foot since the mid 90's. I've tried everything from OTC creams to home remedies and rich body butter is the BEST so far!!!! Those little monsters in my toes probably got suffocated from the richness of the body butter. Even we humans can never eat butter alone without bread, right? Think about it...totally makes sense!


It works for some pelpoe, for other pelpoe like myself it made my skin red and dried it out I'm sure you will be fine if you cleanse and detox your skin but I still recommend using natural skin care products always (whether you have acne or not) just because it's healthier for you and will keep your skin clear.


I read all of these articles with great interest and relief and in fact went to the doctor's yesterday. The little blisters that have been appearing on my foot and the cracked skin are, in fact a type of eczema called Pomphylx. I was given a gentle steroid cream with an anti fungal agent as well, and the doctor actually told me to keep the foot moisturised - which explains your success with cocoa butter. I looked it up on the internet too and have found lots of info, including the use of Burrows solution, also mentioned on this site. Thanks to everyone.


Thanks for posting - mine disappeared in one week, but the itching disappeared in a few minutes. Any body butter will do.


Right just applied body butter and the aggressive itchy feeling has disappeared. Watch this space I will post with my findings but everybody else has said one week!! :)


it sounds to me like you just had badly dry skin on your feet...

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