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hi i have had toothache for 4 days now and being a bank holiday weekend i cant get an appointment with a dentist so i came on here to try and get pain free and its worked i used clove oil and a piece of crushed garlic held at the gum were the tooth ache is it burned for the 5/10 mins i held it there and my breath stinks of garlic but no pain at all so far its been 2 hrs thanks and good luck

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yuck prolly a nasty taste too but if it seriously works i'd be willing to give anything a shot at this moment.


Clove oil is amazing. My dentist prescribed be vicodin and amoxicillin 3 days ago and I swear it was feeling worse everyday. Two hrs ago I tried the clove oil and I'm pain free still!


Who keeps clove oil at hand????


garlic is a very good idea. I just tried it after having continuous pain for the past few hours. Now maybe I can get some sleep before my job interview.

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