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Warm up 1/4th cup of honey for 30 second in microwave. Add !/4th a cup of salt. Add 1 half teaspoon of tooth paste/ not gel. add 1 teaspoon of astringent, add 2 teaspoons of clinique liquid lotion. Mix together. The mixture will be thick and grainy. The salt will act as an exfolient. (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SALT OR ASTRINGENT LIQUID, YOU CAN USE UNCAOSTED BAYER ASPRIN :)) put about 5 bayer asprin un coated tablets in a teaspoon of hot water, wait until tablets are disolved and add into honey mixture. wash face with mixture 3 times a week minimum and you will see results after 2 weeks. for better results, after scrubbing face with mixture and patting dry with a paper towel, apply neosporin to the infected zitty or pimpled area before going to bed. neosporin is an antibacterial.... (and acne pimples are built up bacteria... 1+1=2) get it. good, now go enjoy beautiful soft healthy skin!

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There are, however, some other home remedies which will suffice as short-term measures to deal with the external problems. One of these is white vinegar. Available freely in any supermarket and a product in many kitchens, it can be used as a facial application. After washing your face with mild soap, apply the vinegar using a cotton ball and leave it to sit for ten minutes before rinsing it off. If you have sensitive skin, water it down if you have concerns. Also I found this great book that has lot more home remedies one can try out. Here is the website for that: Take a look...

Tristin Marie

Well Im 18 yrs old Female and my boyfriend helped me a lot by telling me his home remedies. so i tried it. first you clean ur face with a WARM wash cloth.(make sure all make up/sweat/dirt is washed off). Once you have done that use fACIAL SCRUB but a dot of it on ur fore head a dot for each cheek and one dot for the chin (so that the oil doesnt spread which shouldnt happen if u wash ur face first) scrub for about 3 to 5 mins. Then make sure u get another CLEAN WASHCLOTH and then use tooth paste (make sure face is a little damp. (toothpaste wont rub easliy if its dry) you will want to put seperate dots for different areas of the face. then after you have that rubbed in leave it on for about 10 mins or until u cant take the burning anymore. then wash off with a clean for the next step i mixed clearasil/oxy/and witch hazel together and use the pads that dome in your clearsil container and dip the pad in the mixture. and use four different pads so that you can get each part of ur face without having to worry about it spreading. and after your done DO NOT DRY IT OFF LET IT DRY ON ITS OWN. and it should work. it works for me. and my face is getting so much clearer and i have oily skin and it use to break out so bad that i have scars from ages ago ive suffered from acne for yrs and spent a ton of oney on all these things like proactive..ect to clear my face and yet a this works soo much better =] good luck

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