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Me and my brother went Tubing with my best friend/his girlfriend and he brother and sister-in-law. We each got a sunburn, but me, my brother, and his girlfriend got the worse of it. I came to this site for some suggestions... I've found a lot of them, but some of them contradict eachother. So, if anyone could comment to let me know the absolute BEST home remedy, that'd be much appreciated. And, great! Thanks. (:

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michelle salisbury

run a luke warm bath mix up a cup an a half raw oatmeal. Yes the kind you make cookies with an mix it in your bath water. Sit in it for about 20 minutes then airdry not towle dry. K now heres the secret get an empty spray bottle an go to the frig an get the juice out of your pickle jar. Lol. I know sounds weird right but it works wonderful on fair skined people. Im dealing with a sever sunburn on my 11yr old son that looked like a lobster. Good luck


I know this isn't a home remedy, but it works wonders for me...I purposefully sit out in the sun to burn so that I can tan, otherwise, I just do not tan. At Walmart, there is a brand of aloe, called Ocean Potion, it is beyond amazing, not a gel, just a water-based lotion that you can apply as often as you want...I literally put it on every 15 minutes or so right when I come in from sun'burning' It is only a few dollars too, right under $4 to be exact.


Thanks for the great info dog I owe you bgiigty.

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