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I have had acid reflux for a very long time. This was different than most though. I would burp up actual food plus the burning acid with it. I'm only 18, not overweight, don't smoke!, and eat really healthy. I had no idea what to do. Doctors gave me numerous prescriptions (prevacid, pepcid, nexium..and other stuff i don't even know the name of) --Nothing worked! Sooo.. i went to the home remedies. I noticed that apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and honey were supposed to work. Therefore, I made up something myself-- I warmed up a large glass of water (16 oz.) for about a minute in the microwave. Then added 1 TBSP OF BAKING SODA, 1 TBSP OF HONEY, AND 1 TBSP OF APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. It doesn't taste bad AT ALL. --it actually just tastes like a warm honey drink. haha. So far it's been helping- it helps me just burp up air. and nothing else. So far so good. I also eat Red Delicious Apples for a snack or with my meal because those help keep acid down.
Hope I helped!

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Pat R

made some up... did you REALLY mean 1 Tbsp of vinegar.. tastes too tart that way...


I decided to try this and unfortunately for me it tasted rotten. I think it was the soda that tipped it over the edge. I tried to get it down in about 3 goes and on the 3rd one I threw some of it up straight away. Maybe it was just too strong a concoction for me. Hope it works for others people better.


I don't know about everybody else, but your solution worked right away with me and I didn't even have honey to put in it! I haven't been able to sleep tonight and kept having acid reflux or heartburn or something like that which I never hardly ever get (must've been something I ate today). I got up about 20 minutes ago and got online real quick for home remedies and found yours and decided it couldn't hurt to try since I had baking soda and ACV on hand. I put it in a glass of warm water (you failed to mention that it would bubble up way over the glass) and downed it all right away. I felt very awful, bloated and started burping huge burps (some coming back up with very foul odor)after now going on 25 min. I feel fine, tired and ready to go back to bed. Thanks!


Acid reflux can be caused by a lot of different reasons. Things that worked for others might not work for you. You have to keep trying different things until one sticks. For me raw okra juice worked like a charm.. Please give it a shot. Make sure the okra are immature and small and also remove the seeds.


I've been on Nexium and Prolesec. Neither has provided maximum desirable results. I ran out of my prescription and needed a quick fix. I tried this for the first time. It really didn't taste too bad (not my drink of choice, however). Nonetheless, it definitely served the purpose - worked in less than an hour. Not to sound gross, but it caused me to eliminate quickly too (almost to the extent of a good cleansing). Thanks for this tip.


Basic chemistry, type in what happens when you mix vinegar & baking soda together, or look on you tube and see the explodes...I know someone who had some kind of condition and used this solution, and she died from it, because her stomach basically blew up...while it may have worked, it is a dangerous one because unless you know for sure what you are treating, the chemicals in your stomach could react very badly.

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