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Tee Tree oil is great for cureing athlete's feet. Many of my family members have used it with success.

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i tried this after having over a year of re-occuring athletes foot and buying lamisil and some other foot cream that didnt even work ... it took about 2 weeks to completely clear up but i also got instant results from the itching and stinky,crumbly and not to mention embarassing skin :( anyways if u try this it will probably be the last thing you try :)


My third day using Tee Tree Oil - and so far working great. I got two bottles of it at CVS - had to ask for help finding it because it was located in the hair care section.

I purchased two bottles of 'Hollywood Beauties' which has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in it for less than the OTC treatment.

I just put a few drops on my toes and rub it in with my hands. I figure if it works on the feet, will help soften my hands along the way. And, it smells good too [added benefit]. I would suggest to anyone looking for something that works and have tried OTC treatments, check it out - it's working for me!


I've used tea tree oil for years for any fungal problem and it's worked great. Lately, I've developed an allergic reaction to it no matter where I use it. I wonder if I've overused it and developed a sensitivity to it.


It is possible to get allegies from over useing anything. There are other antifungal oils to use, just keep switching it up.


General rule of thumb: always dilute tea tree oil, otherwise it can burn. When using on my scalp, I use 3 drops to a teaspoon of shampoo. When using on other areas of the body, I dilute with jojoba oil, 4-5 drops per tsp.

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