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Tee Tree oil is great for cureing athlete's feet. Many of my family members have used it with success.

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I used Tea Tree oil in the past for my feet as well and it worked GREAT! I have all of my family trying it for their foot fungus problems also.


Tea Tree oil is VERY good for this - also for jock itch & ringworm - it is anti-fungal.


How should I apply the tea tree oil to cure my athlete's foot?


You apply tea-tree oil by APPLYING it to the affected area. Get a grip!


This always works for both me and my husband. Nice alternative to the messy creams. To the person who asked how to apply it, Tea Tree Oil is often sold in a little spray bottle, making application really easy.


Where Do I Find Tee Tree Oil ? ? ? ? ?


Go to your local health food store or naturopath


you can get tee tree oil at cvs,thats where i bought mine.


Whenever I put Tee Tree oil on my feet i get Blisters do I need to mix it with water or .... Thanks


Tea tree, and in particular its essential oil, is one of the most important natural antiseptics and it merits a place in every medicine chest. It is useful for treating stings, burns, wounds and skin infections of all kinds.

An essential oil obtained from the leaves and twigs is strongly antiseptic, diaphoretic and expectorant. It stimulates the immune system and is effective against a broad range of bacterial and fungal infections.

Use a Q-tip or cotton ball to apply to effected area (unless, of course, you purchased a spray bottle.) For sensitive skin, or when being applied on the face, dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil, such as olive, avocado, coconut, vitamin E oil, etc.
Best of luck.

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