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There have been a number of problems with this at our school and after every reported incident I checked my kids out. Luckily they never got them; however, at the very end of the school year one of them did. I did a combination of some of these ideas. She is older so I used dog flee and tick remover (which after a lot of research I found out it would be ok. I left it on for about 5 minutes or so and wrapped her hair in a plastic bag since I didn't have shower caps. When it was time to get out I rinsed her hair thoroughly and then washed it again in Dawn dish soap followed by conditioner. I blow dried her hair and then used a straightening iron. No lice and any nits left were easy to pull off since they were fried. We have a farm so I used our barn spray on the rugs and couches. I had the kids out of the house until it all cleared and vacummed later. That or bug bombs will clear them out of the house.

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It Is NOT OK TO USE FLEA AND TICK on humans!! Ask any Doctor. Do NOT put it on your head or skin!!


its the same chemicals that are in lice shampoo!! just way smaller amounts.

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