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Well, this may sound gross and/or kinda wierd, but it's legal and it worked for me! I have abscessed cavity with nerve exposed, and dentist has me on antibiotics and pain meds until tomorrow when he will pull it. Meanwhile, sometimes the pain meds just don't work. Here's what I ended up doing: chew on pieces of fresh, raw onion (any color), then when the pain subsides, eat peanut butter right out of the jar. I think there's a substance in the onion that temporarily relieves the pain, and then the peanut butter fills the hole for a while so you can get some temporary relief. God bless all of you. This pain is far worse than natural childbirth.

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i agree with you, each day the pain gets worse and my dental appt is for a week from next monday! they are relocating and are only on mondays. i'm trying home remedies first. iv'e been taking motrin like its candy, but have to watch it as i'm nursing. right now, i am not caring about grammar as this really hurts. i just brushed my teeth with sensodyne pronamel, swished mouthwash, swished salt water (warm), and put some ground cloves onto a damp peppermint tea bag. Tea bag works as it gives you something to chew like a teether, and the pain -- though throbbing-- is subsiding. However, I may need to see my dr tomorrow for anti biotics. i agree, i just had my daughter 8 weeks ago, and that has never been in comparison to my toothaches.

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