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So I have a broken tooth in the back Of my right lower jaw and over time it's been gettin eaten away and due to lack of brushing. So one day I got the pain again it comes randomly and Powerfully. Told my dad to pick up some Orajel so I woke up at 2am in severe pain nothing could fix but then after and hour found the cure I simply said ill smoke it away so unpacked a fresh bowl of marijuana and after about 20minutes I forgot I was even in pain I aware it works now if you don't mind I'm gonna go enjoy painless sleep.

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I like the idea, but I have a slight twist...I take two regular aspirin with a cup of coffee. I got four hours of relief.


Run, don't walk, to your local dentist and receive professional care!

carlz<3 :)

I got a headache when I smoked a bowl and had a toothache


You said lack of brushing? Why aren't you brushing your chompers bud?


Man whyyyyyyyy? Did I let you talk me into that I now feel every bit of the throbbing more intense than ever. Weed no bueno for tooth aches.


it kinda helps but not really.. lolol at the other comments


the point is to get so lit u dont know how to think lol


dude, smoking is not good for tooth ache, as much as I wish it as hehe

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