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I read through all 22 pages looking for any info that could help, and I've found something, and I'm grateful, and I wanted to share... hope it helps someone else! The calcium/magnesium/zinc tablets are working! I haven't had a problem in two weeks, and for me that's a freakin' miracle... thank you so much to everyone that gave me ideas to try!

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Could you please tell me the brand/kind of vitamins you used to get relief? I would also appreciate knowing where to buy them,and dosage.I'm so glad you feel better! Thanks.


How long does it take for the Magnesium/Zinc Etc. to start working? Is it quite a tedious couple of weeks before any relief is noticeable or is it a matter of days.
Please could you reply with any useful information that may help as I am at the end of my tether with it now. If I don't get some relief from it soon I am going to have to go down the 'bad' route of diazepam or other prescription muscle relaxants.


I have had RLS it seems like forever; I am almost 60 years old and have been tried on almost all the meds that have been named. I have restless arms and am now on 3 of the meds named; the last prescribed was requip which I have been on over a month now and not working. My arms are driving me so insane that I get to the point I consider suicide to get out of the creepy, crawly things in my arms. I've tried hot, cold bit also. I was reading everything on line a few days ago about restless arms when I came upon where it said maybe iron defficiency and perhaps Niacin and Vitamin C might help. It also talked about Calcium and Magnesium so I started taking OTC calcium, magnesium and zinc last night so I'm hoping it gives some relief. My dr. has me on prescription meds not working so I haven't informed him of anything I found on line yet or the OTC that I started last night; I pray to God it helps because I cry with my arm aggravation and am at the end of my rope. Thank you for listening!!!!!

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