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I tried the duct tape, water proof sports tape, froze by dr twice, and home freezing kit. Nothing worked. So I went to the wart section at the store and loaded up on bandaids and picked up the dr scholles planter wart pads. The pads come like a round bandaid with a sticky medicated center. I stuck one on and put a bandaid over it. I checked it the next day and it had moved a little. Burning some of the wart and a lot of my toe. My wart is in the bend of my big toe. So, I had to cut the pad in half and cut it n the shape of the wart. U just want the medicated part just on the wart. The acid is 40% unlike the others which is 17%. My wart turned white within a few days and fell out within 2 weeks leaving a hole. After the wart fell out, I soaked a cotton ball n listerine to kill any lingering virus for 2 minutes. No pain, stinging or burning from the listerine. My 11 year old son had one too. We done this treatment together and his is gone too. His took a little longer because his bandaid and pad would fall off n his sleep. Recommend sleeping with a sock.. Change the pad and bandaid every other day but replace it immediately till the wart falls out. It looks gross when it falls out but heals super super fast!! The hole fills n by the next day or 2 and is completely healed within 2 weeks. This remedy takes 2 weeks (or less) instead of months and months.

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Angie Howard

I accidentally put dr scholls. I used the compound w plantar wart pads. Well, my daughter now has one and I did use the dr scholls plantar wart pads.. It came with small dots that have the acid on it and round bandaids. It has not been as effective as compound w. It still works, but not as fast. And the dots do fit better on a small wart. But the compound w just seems more potent!! Sorry for the confusion...

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