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I have had serve anxiety/ panic attacks since I was 16 and I'm 23 now. I have them so bad I'm starting to be agoraphobic. Sometimes I can't even stand to sit in the drive thru at mcdonalds that's literally a block away from my house without my arms and legs going numb heart racing breathing heavy etc. I don't just have anxiety attacks once or twice a day I literally have them all day long unless I'm at home when even then it will happen sometimes. I was finally diagnosed with vassodepressor syndrome and pots syndrome which means I have very low blood pressure when I'm standing or sitting and when I'm in that postition I don't get enough blood and oxygen to my brain and heart. The symptoms are the same due to the fact. But now...I get worried my blood pressure is low and I'm goin to pass out and bc the symptoms are the same I never know if its my bloodpressure or a panic attack. It took me 6 years to finally have a doctor diagnose me with this. I suggest askin your doctor to have a tilt table test done that is how he found mine out. Other then that I would always go to the hospital and call the ems thinking I was dying and my blood pressure would always just be slightly low if not normal by the time I got there n was laying down. So all the doctors overlooked it. Its just a test where they strap u down (laying down) and the table slowly moves till ur standing and they monitior ur blood pressure. If you look online literally the symptoms r almost exact. Never hurts to just try the test!! I have literally been on 12 different antidepressants and none have worked they have made it 20 times worse which I didn't think was possible. Now they want to try me on a biopolar medicine because they say if antidepressants don't work its a sign you maybe bipolar but I'm so terrified to feel any worse again. Right now I'm on xanax which does help me A LOT I can atleast make it thru work but its highly addictive and I know my dr won't keep giving them to me. The only thing that calms me down at all is calling my mom and having her talk me thru it. Just being on the phone with her is comforting to me. So maybe try texting or calling someone who UNDERSTANDS (bc lord knows a lot DON'T) and she trys just changing the subject and talking about other things and by the time I'm ready to get off the phone I'm better because she took my mind off it without me even realizing it :). I also try telling myself I've had this for 6 years and never ONCE has anything bad happened. But I am going to try the calcium, vitamin b, niacinaminde, and magnesium that a lot have suggested. I hope this helps someone! Just reading these posts make me feel 51258 times better! I literally thought I was crazy for years and didn't want to tell anyone. So thank you god bless and I will pray for everyone!! If anyone has any questions or wants to talk to someone who has it too my email is :) :)

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I am also 23, and have this issue. I used to have have it under control, where I could regulate my heart rate and calm my mind, but lately it seems that I can't. It affects almost all parts of my life, work, school, and the relationship I had with a wonderful woman. I feel like though it started coming up because I believe that she has the same issue, I was just to afraid to ask. I don't know exactly what to do and was wondering for any pointers you may have to help me out. Thanks for anything you can do.


Oh my goodness, it's SO nice to finally hear/read someone who has been in the same shoes as me. I feel the exact same way, and I def will ask my Doc for a Tilt Test. Thanks


I'm also 23, and have had Panic attacks since I was 16. I would really like to talk to anyone my age or close to going through the same problems. If anyone wants to talk please let me know, I'm going to bookmark this page.


I have had panic attacks for the last 4 years due to excrutiating pain that comes with flare ups of interstitial cystitus spasms and burning. Interstitial Cystitus pain has been compared to Stage 4 cancer pain.

I finally went to a hormone therapy doctor that was recommended to me by another doctor in my community. When I told the hormone therapy doctor (FP)about my panic attacks and anxiety and medical conditions, the very first thing she said to me was, 'Progesterone is the #1 thing in your body that will prevent Panic Attacks and Pain.' How's that for a liberating statement completely overflowing with HOPE! She put me on Cortisol and Progesterone immediately that day (haven't had a panic attack since.... as well as Lexapro at night and Lorazapam. Without going into a big long story about my medical cndition, I will eventually be able to ween off the Lexapro and Lorazapam, but I will tke the progesterone for the rest of my life....and I will gladly do it!! I am so grateful for God leading me to this doctor and the knowledge I have gained about progesterone, pain, and panic attacks!


I completely kno how you all feel I litrtally thougjt i was crazy until I had one at walmart and callrd the ems n they said I was fine I was just havon an anxiety aattack. I will glady talk to anyone bc I really do believe talkin to anyone that knows what ur goin thru helps so so much. I'm 23 female n I live in ohio :) numbrrs 567 322 0897 and I apologize for anyone who's sent me emails and I haven't responded. I'm respondinh right now but plz feel free to call if anyone has questions or just someone to talk to I kno how depressin and hard this stuff is


That was a great way to explaine everything...I have felt the exact same symptoms my whole life also...and alot of your natural ways of calming down have been the same as mine...Thank You for your input..Good lUCK

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