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Get some vanilla extrac warm up in a Tea spoon over stove top put some on cotton ball let cool for a little place in ear!!! You will fell like new!!!

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Worst advice ever!! I did as you said and 4 hours later was in a doctors office with an ear swelled shut and antibiotics the only recourse.


Well that is ur opinion cause my 6 year loves it as soon as I put it in his ear after giving him his antibiotics he is out like a light not up from the pain


Oh and I never said it will cure it it's for the pain!!


It works the pain is easing off, just make sure you dont let the liqiud get inside its the instant heat that does it.

c. downing

Just tried it after tring a few others and as soon as i put it in the ear i felt an istant releif from the pain. i even felt the sizzle. thanks for the advice...

levi c.

it defanatley releaved the pain

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