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Michael C

I have experienced anxiety for several years. In the middle of the night, I may wake up in a sweat for no particular reason. I also experience anxiety during the day. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes feeling despair, and it interrupts my flexible intelligence. I have found ways to help this.

My anxiety comes from a voice that I will call my Inner Critic. I think that all people have an Inner Critic to some degree and I believe this comes from early childhood memories. Remember this: your Inner Critic tells you things that are lies about yourself. It is up to your Wise Man to remind you differently. Your Wise Man is another voice inside. A voice that tells you the truth. When I take Action, instead of letting my Patterns take control of my actions, I usually do the things that I need to do to make my anxiety go down. It is a skill that I have learned. It gets better the more you use it.

Listen to your Wise Man!

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