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I just wanted to chime in here as yet another 'skinny' girl with cellulite (thanks Nanna!). I am going to try the coffee grounds tonight in hopes that it works, but nothing burns me more than hearing 'lose weight'. Ummm... I work out faithfully 5 days a week, I haven't touched junk food in YEARS, I don't drink anything besides water and green tea, and I take epsom salt baths regularly. Guess what? STILL THERE!!

I have tried massagers, fancy wraps (only temporary- hours really), and every cream out there. Honestly, the only long term method of reducing cellulite is expensive plastic surgery.

It's not about toxins (I am squeaky clean... my diet helps me 'go' at least twice a day) or being overweight or even a lack of vitamins (I take essential fatty acids --fish oils--daily as well). It's simply one of those unlucky things we have to deal with... and I haven't even had children yet!!!

The advice about maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen is just overall good advice...cellulite or not. So, I am going to simply curse genetics and wear sarongs for the rest of my beach least my UPPER body looks good (sigh)

I will let you know if the coffee helps (trying to look good for a beach vacation next week).

Hey... you could always get rid of estrogen (Hahaha)! That seems to be the culprit (which is why men don't have it).

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I know you did this ages ago but I have only just got cellulite at 41 and I have 3 children aged 21, 19 and 5 so you have made my day! Did anything work for you? Im going on holiday in 6 weeks and have never dreaded a bikini before. Im still a size 8 (uk)


I really feel for you, it is so frustrating, I have a pretty nice body,yet I dont count myself as a 5 day a week work out girl but I am an active person, who has inherited my moms elephant knees and cellulite legs, while my sister should be on a cover of magazine for hers, and she is 40 with 2 new kids, go figure!! I am 46 and have been doing messages to my legs now, just started but have been on the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR RAW for over a week now, hoping to nail that fatty tissue away. I have heard that the coffee thing is more of a mess than anything, but who knows, I might give it a go.


I also have the genetic cellulite....I have dieted....I eat very healthy.....take daily vitamins and run and exercise daily. I have tried every cellulite remedy they have out there. I have had this since I was 14 and now am 39 years old. My sister and I have researched many options and everything leads to surgery, not happening...I want to stay natural without those.....surgeons told my husband and I that the more I workout and run that the worse it actually can get,......unbelievable right. So I do my beat to keep it maintained (which is hard) except that I am still a beautiful person....I still wear my bathing suits....shorts....and skirts....god created me and I am perfect in his eyes and my families.....HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE IN YOU AND LOVE YOU CAUSE THAT IS WHAT MATTERS....NOT WHAT WE LOOK LIKE <3


Denise, I love you for your comment! I think we should just try to make the best out of what God gave us...naturally


Just so you know- the aging process means that we are losing estrogen too. I still have cellulite that started to show towards my late 30's. I don't like it. I wish I could do something about it but don't want to buy into an industry of lies. sigh.

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