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Take castor oil to bring on labor as it did with me with my 3 children. I took 2 TBS before bed time. It may not work on everyone but it did for me. I had 3 hour labor with 1 child and 1 in a half hour labor with another. Primrose oil in the cervix will help dialate as well. As primrose oil has natural eliments that are found in sperm to help dialate a womans cervix.

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This really works! I took a good 2 tablespoons after lunch time and my son was born the next morning at 9:00! It does not taste good at all and is indeed one of the grossest tastes ever! But there is NO doubt that it works! Good luck!

ready now

I drank a whole bottle when i was pregant with my son at 11:00. I was having contractions 4-6 min. apart by 3:00. But make sure your body is ready and you have started to diliated


This can be very very dangerous. I would consult a doctor or midwife or some one. It can cause the baby to have meconium and breathe it in and get very sick. Plus you can be pooping your brains out.


Inducing always comes with risks and should never be done except for medical reasons. In the 24 hours before labor hormones are released that help mature the babies lungs and antibodies are delivered to the baby to help resist infection. Your body knows when the baby is ready and if you trust it you will have a healthier baby and labor. Home remedies and medicine are for treating problems and pathology, not interfering in a healthy process.

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