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dean t bahnson

I have been fighting acid reflux for several years abiut 7. That is when me and my wife were going thru problems with relationship and bills. We ended up getting a divorce,forecloser, and bankruptcy. Survived all that,but still dealing with my acid reflux.When all this started lost appetite lost weight fromhaving no appetite. Studied all the testimonials and decided to try acv and aloe vera juice and I am totaly impressed!!!! Will keep using this because it does really work!!! Wiating to see long term affects,but looks good now!!! Dino~~~~~~~~~~~

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What is ACV? Thank you.


what is acv


acv must mean Apple Cider Vinegar - I assume because the posts above this one talk about it.


Your acid reflux was not caused by money, divorce, bankruptcy or forclosure, it was caused by all your drinking

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