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I had the worst constipation with extreme shooting pain in the stomach. My dad gave me boiled 2 percent milk with 1 spoon sugar and pieces of Ginger added. ThAt did the trick, I went immediately to the bathroom. Just drink the Milk hot, it is more effective.
Hope everybody feels better, I cAn not begin to describe how much pain I was in.

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Fresh ginger root. You can find it in the supermarket. Just peel and slice.


Just wanted to say thanks to all of these great suggestions although it appears that the one with the ginger root is getting the most attention so I guess I will try that one out tonight. For all of you having a difficult time deciding how much of what just try a teaspoon each of the sugar and ginger as that is what I will be trying unless someone says differently. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and a plethora of side issues but have the chronic bowel syndrome or whatever from the fibro and it gets interesting with no energy! (thank me for sharing!) ;O)


Hi Sk thanx a lotz for ur wonderful suggestion and lots of love for ur Dad too... Well I tried with 100 ml of milk, half table spoon of sugar and pinch of normal vegetable ginger. boil it for 10 mins, Now drink before it gets cooled down. If cooled it wont work. Everyone with constipation should try this once wonderful remedy, Thanx again to u ur dad and this Site.


I just tried the Ginger,(I sliced off about 4 slices of ginger root I had in my refrigerator, 2% milk and a teaspoon of sugar...
Boiled it about 10 minutes.
Drank it as it was cooling down, it was NOT cold.
I got relief in about 20 minutes..
Only thing I didn't like is the stomach cramps that came with the relief...

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