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I had the worst constipation with extreme shooting pain in the stomach. My dad gave me boiled 2 percent milk with 1 spoon sugar and pieces of Ginger added. ThAt did the trick, I went immediately to the bathroom. Just drink the Milk hot, it is more effective.
Hope everybody feels better, I cAn not begin to describe how much pain I was in.

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Fresh ginger, cooked ginger, ground ginger......can you clarify how you used the ginger? Thanks!


what type of ginger.


Hi i can begin to express my gratitude for this remedy!! I was in extreme pain hadnt been to the toilet in days due to all the medication i am on for my lower back injury. I had paced the hallway sat on the loo paced loo paced loo with no luck. So i got on here and read your remedy and thought i have all of that. within minutes the pain was gone and i went to the toilet as normal the next morning!! Yay!! I now have a cup through the day and one before bed and am now regular!! Thank you so much and give you dad a hug from me!!! eternally grateful Amy


thank you so much it worked


Hi, This remedy was a huge help to relieve my husband's constipation. It worked within minutes. He just drank the milk hot and paced the hallway.
Thank You !!!

Grahame Leon-Smith

SK's skimmed milk and ginger sounds great, but just how much ginger and what sort, and also how much of the treated milk do you need to drink ? a cupful, a glassful, half a pint, or what? My wife is is constant pain and wants her to try this remedy !


Along with praying...this remedy worked. I boiled 1 cup of milk, a spoonful of sugar and ground cinnamon. and it helped tremendously. within 15 minutes was releived.


did anybody find out how many ginger and what kind?? im in so much pain i just wana be ok already someone help please , i also have 2kids with me and i cant be usefull not in this pain PLEASE SOMEONE HELP


I really hope this daughter is 2 and has always had bowel issues...this morning was really a hassle and i dont want to rely on medicines thats really dont work like they should...i am going to try this tonight and let u guys know...i pray this works...its way more natural


I used RAW ginger for this remedy.
I drank it while walking, and continued to pace for 10 min. I have felt my bowels shifting, but have had no immediate relief.

I have eaten some applesauce and continued my pacing. Shifting, but no relief. I am going to go to bed... This has caused some movement, but nothing more for me.

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