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I can't help but wonder if most of you have actually had a full blown kidney infection before. I have had several, and on ALL occasions the pain was so excruciating, I couldn't even walk! I literally thought I was going to die.

My first infection, I got when I was 16, it was caused by shear stupidity on my behalf, considering I was addicted to adderall, drank nothing but soda, and hardly ate a thing. Any way, it started as back pain, and when rubbing my back to try and ease it, there was a huge lump right over my right kidney. Being only 16 I chalked it up to a large knot in a muscle that I had maybe pulled. I left it alone, but the more I left it, the worse it got. I asked my mom to take me to the doctor because the pain was getting so bad, and she thought I was just being dramatic. A week later, the pain was so terrible that I couldn't even move out of bed. I did nothing but cry, and even THAT hurt. Finally my mom gave in, and took me to the doctor. When I got there they rushed me to the hospital across the street and immediately admitted me. The lump on my back had swelled to the size of a golf ball, and the doctor said if I had waited even 2 more hours to go in, there was a high chance I would have died.

Sconce this incident, I have had a Few more infections, each one of them haing the same symptoms, the first being terrible back pain, and difficulty/painful urinating.

Once you actually HAVE a kidney infection, the best and smartest thing you can do is go strait to the doctor. A kidney infection is no joke, and it needs to be taken care of properly to ensure that isn't is completely gone. An untreated kidney infection can be fatal, and cranberry supliments and vinegar aren't going to do much of anything once it gets to that point.

However, taking these supliments/teas/whatever else daily is a great way to PREVENT kidney and urinary tract infections from happening, but really, once you have one, it is best to just go to your doctor, or hospital for treatment.

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I have had the same problem since I was a teen in fact I'm going through an infection right now I'm taking my meds like I'm supposed to some mornings I wake up I'm feeling better others not so much it truly is painfull even drinking water which I hate seems to hurt tremendously but I still drink it I was told by the er doctor to stay away from food and drinks that have alot of calcium in them apparently when you have an infection you're kidneys can't process calcium properly tap water has calcium in it drink alot of bottled water and go to the doctor it really is the only thing you can do.


Yup, I had one when I was 12 because my school never let me use the bathroom when I had to go, my bladder grew 4 times the size and I was hospitalized for two weeks. The reason i went to the hospital is because the last morning I woke up it felt like barb wire rolling in my gut and I peed nothing but blood, thought I was a goner. Infection free since I switched to organic, and stopped taking the doctors drugs, also exercise. Although my case is also differant, I have double ureters.


I agree that a kidney infection is not something to be taken lightly. I had a kidney infection and never felt so sick in my life or had so much pain. Prevention is better than cure, but if it needs curing, better to have it done by a professional


A rare genetic cancer has meant passing kidney stones at the rate of 2 or 3 a month with accompanying bladder & kidney infections for over 30 yrs. There is a vast difference between thetwo. Cranmax, tons of water, heat, cornsilk/hops tea work for me for kidney infections. I'd avoid typical north american medical practitioners whose 'care' has resulted in kidney damage, hospital visits (& hospital borne infections darn near impossible to get rid of) & at one point the near loss of a kidney for me. Yes, kidney infections can be painful & serious, both excellent reasons to work with your body to eliminate one rather than incur the higher risks of harsh artificial medicine. BTW, I use Cranmax instead of straight unsweetened cranberry juice to avoid excess sugars (even in natural form) but in a pinch the juice in large quantities has worked just as well. Hope it helps.


Under normal circumstances I would agree with you. I have had kidney infections since I was about 13 years old and boy do I know that they hurt and that they mean business. My issue is that the drugs the doctor wants to give me are worse for me than the infection. I have an infection right now and the doctor gave me an antibiotic I had had before. Rather than helping after the first pill I took I had an allergic reaction to the drug and couldn't breath and was coughing so hard I was just about throwing up. This happens to me with most medications the doctor tries to prescribe to me. Plus I get other side effects like severe joint pain, migraines etc.

It is getting to the point now that I am 40 that I am wondering which will kill me the drugs or the kidney infections. So that's why I am looking for other ways to get rid of them. I can vouch for the fact that these treatments do work to get rid of the infection if it is not fully imbedded in the kidneys. Also another one I want to add would be Parsley tea, which is very helpful for infections as well.

I do agree that the best course is to try and not get the infections. Change your diet. Stay away from soda and caffeine in general and eat foods that promote healthy kidneys. But if you can't trying these things can't hurt as long as you keep your doctor informed and they are comfortable with you doing it.


By all means, GO TO A DOCTOR for a suspected kidney infection! It is truly something not to mess around with, as gone unchecked, it can lead to sepsis of the blood and then becomes life-threatening. I'm all about natural remedies - use them as SUPPORT when the infection is in the kidneys (get the antibiotics!) And remember to take a powerful probiotic in-between doses of antibiotics (at least 6 hours after a dose and 6 hours before the next dose.


I have the same kidney problems since Sept.that you speak of and went to the ER and my own doctor later and have been given back to back different antibo. which I am still in pain and so forth.. so I am now four mos. later still w/kidney infections, so doing the natural remedies because the antibo.'s didn't cure and are damaging to the body as well as the infections that the drugs are not killing... so please note that the doctors are not always right nor the best answer to my horrible kidney infections...Sincerely.

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